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Suhal Khan

Hobbies : Listening song, story ,group games. , Health condition : Normal, Mother's Occupation : Tailoring


Please call us at (+91) 9437-628-251 to speak with a VISHWA JYOTI representative.
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Name: Suhal Khan

ID NO: VJ OD 0197

Mother: Samsun Bibi

Father: Sajit Khan

Gender: Male

Age: 6

Date of Birth: 21/04/2010

Register Date: 20/10/2016

Religion: Muslim

Future Plan: NA

$ 38.00(Food, Hygiene, Uniform, Study materials, Medical expenses, School Fees…etc.)

His family was survived with four members including him. Due to some reason his parents had separated by divorce. Therefore his mother is doing tailoring work in order to survive the family, but which is enough not to meet all their daily needs like food and hygienic. Hence they are facing lot of problem and struggling to have enough meals, hygienic practices and to give education to Sahil and his brother.

The maximum people from this community are using the drugs/alcohol to forget their momentary physical pain/tiredness. Using alcohol they are suffered a lot in several kinds of incurable diseases such as: T.B, Cancer, Asthma, Liver enlargement, eye-problem, mental infection, Hypertension etc. They are drinking alcohol (fathers) by this their families are in trouble and in disturbances no peace in their own life.

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